Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tinny moves!

Just starting my animation tests with my new puppet; its hard to get the time or the space but I've worked it out with my teacher that there'll be an extra stop motion session for anyone interested and he's been nice enough to allow us use of all the equipment. So, Ive started simple just to shake off a few cobwebs from the break.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Island Life Drawing

These are just some of the life sketches I did while I was down in the caribbean for vacation during my Christmas break. So, I've picked out my favorite drawings from the pack and compiled them into neat little pages.

Tinny Painting

This was just to design a space to fit with a character, once again Tinny, but it was an exercise in deciding what kind of a room she should live in. It was also a chance for some more photoshop painting.

Tinny Puppet

When I was deciding what kind of puppet to make next I figured why not make the character I've been helping to design over the past term... Tinny

Tinny's blueprint: figuring out her dimensions and shape.

Tinny's skeleton: Baked Sculpy head, with an epoxy and wire body.

Tinny's "Musculature": Un-baked sculpy hair to keep it springy, cotton batting to bulk her up and she's wrapped up in medical tape to keep her all together; also I used it on her hands to help adhere her latex skin.

Tinny: Yeah!!! Tinny is all finished up and ready for some animation tests. Applied her latex skin over her bandaged hands, painted up her epoxy feet, and made her some fancy duds: experimenting with a paper mouth right now, but she's all finished up.


In the third year of my animation program we have to produce a group film; these were some of the concept girls that I came up with whenever we would change up the story. Her name is Tinny.
Flapper girl Tinny when we were based in the 1920's

Modern day Tinny when we were experimenting and trying to find her look.

This was my final version of our character, which I'd designed after the group had chosen the final design of our character but I wanted to have a short-haired girl to make a puppet.

Last of the AA

Just some of the pages that I was working on for my co-op portfolio; so there's a whole image of my AA layout and the photos from "on the set". Also included some Doug glamour shots; its a shame that his skeleton was experimental and questionable but he turned out and did his job.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Group Film Maquettes

Time for some posting during the stressful portfolio season; but luckily it just means that I have plenty too start posting up. But first, these are two characters from my 3rd year group film project; I sculpted them for fun and for my portfolio. Dyrk was designed by Abe Hutton and Glucose by Ben Anders (Forbes). I still have to make one more and the collection will be complete.