Friday, 26 April 2013

Bringing Up Bigfoot (Final)

Bringing Up Bigfoot from Edward Coughlan on Vimeo.

And then it was finished, it took a bit of time but thank you too everyone that helped me along as a worked on this project.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Fancy Armature Walks

I got a fancy ball and socket armature as a loaner after I finished "Bringing Up Bigfoot" to do some more tests and animations for my portfolio. I put this walk together for my demo reel. I really wish I had more time with this puppet and my take home stop motion kit; but there was just so many things I had to do for my portfolio and stop motion was already one of the areas I had covered. That in mind I found it very pleasurable to animate with such a nice puppet, once I'd gotten used to it of course, very different from what I'm used too.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Monday, 1 April 2013

Movie Poster!!! - Bringing up Bigfoot

As part of my program's industry day promo we are required to create fun movie posters for our short films to be used as promotions in our booklets; or at least that's how I understand it... I think I get grades for doing this too. Anyway, it was a fun little distraction from all the portfolio and demo reel work I've been doing, cheers.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2D Animation Wave

Traveling off the beaten path right now; into 2D land. In preparation for my program's industry day and my eventual excursions out into the working world, to find that first job (yikes), I am bolstering my portfolio/demo reel with 2D animations. This first one is a lip sync, which took my longer than I expected it too; since I've been doing stop motion exclusively for quite a few months now that it's a very different flavour, I enjoy doing both, and I've got the feel for drawn animation back, a plus. I'm planning on doing three in total for now, as there's still so much that I want to get prepared; and from those three I'll choose one to clean and colour. That in mind, this animation is rough, and could use some more refining but I felt its at a place where I can start to show it off.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Beam me up, Bigfoot!

I want to post so much from my film but I'm going to have to thoroughly read about festivals and submissions before I post the whole thing online. Just in case posting it all will disqualify it from submission, that being said I don't know enough yet but it will all go up one day or another.

Anyway; I like sci-fi, like a lot, and that's where this teleporter comes in; its hard to discern from the overall story from the bits and pieces I gave out but you can start to guess. And I did quite a few SFX shots and wanted to show at least one. So, here is one groovy teleportation, very pleased with how it turned out.

19 Finished Shots

Whew; I'm at that stage with my thesis film where I can technically call it quits with a completed film. Bringing up Bigfoot; a mockumentary with a run time of 72 seconds. There's still some extra gubbings I have to take care of like texts, credits and whatnot but in terms of footage I'm satisfied with the results. If I get some good suggestions in the comings weeks for changes before it's technically due at the end of the school year I may implement them, but otherwise, YAY!!!

Process Pages

I really like process pages; when you get to see progressive stages of a project or big feature films. Which I guess is why I like to do it.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

We'll Spin Right Round, Puppet Right Round

As I'm getting towards the end of the (school) year I've gotta start putting together my portfolios and demo reels for my inevitable job hunt. Lets celebrate by spinning some puppets!

Remember Swambert; well the little guy's been sitting around and he's still perfectly animatable, he's also getting a new 2D face since I've misplaced (lost) most (all) of his paper ones. So, I'm preparing to do two additional animations in conjunction with my thesis film. One is a walk with my main hunting couple, Mac and Ern, and the other is a sit between Bigfoot and Swambert. The later however may get the time cut since the performance walk cycles are a higher priority, but if I have the necessary time to do it right, it will get done. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Good Old Flat Art

Just a nice little drawing I did of my film characters but in exciting 2D

Drawing Pokemon (???)

A group of my friends and I have been drawing through the original 151 Pokemon for the past couple months, whenever we needed to take a break from making our films.

Here we are if you're up for taking a gander.

Here are some of my favorites from the pokemon that I've done






Thursday, 7 March 2013

19 Shots for 19 Scenes sans VFX

As I'm compositing all of my scenes together I've been adding quite a few additions into a lot of my shots; so I thought it'd be interesting to see single shots from each scene without their added affects.

Just an FYI; the Bigfoot puppet is not giving the middle finger in the background; in this scene as he dances through the background he is doing a mocking dance in which he points to himself as he prances past.


A shot like this is going to have to be pulled hard through after effects to get my desired look; it's not like the others where Dragon just gives me an extra little bit of the top and bottom which'll be neatly hidden later.

Since I was working primarily out of my little bedroom studio, I had to use a lot of creative set management since I wouldn't have the space to accommodate multiple sets. Which is why the forestry sets were a series of interlocking segments that I was able to mix and match betwixt scenes to suite my various needs.

If I do another set like this, each of these shots'll have their added effects.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Bringing Up Bigfoot: Sneak Peek

Here's a short clip from my film: I'm in full compositing and vfx mode right now, so I should be done, with any luck, within the coming week.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Film Update.

(hey that's half of my head in the background, howdy)

This blog is in need of some love and what better way to start then with a thesis film update! I've just recently wrapped up principal photography: as I have shot all of my primary stop motion animation. My next step is to animate all of the faces for my characters (hopefully this stage will go smoothly) and on to final compositions!