Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2D Animation Wave

Traveling off the beaten path right now; into 2D land. In preparation for my program's industry day and my eventual excursions out into the working world, to find that first job (yikes), I am bolstering my portfolio/demo reel with 2D animations. This first one is a lip sync, which took my longer than I expected it too; since I've been doing stop motion exclusively for quite a few months now that it's a very different flavour, I enjoy doing both, and I've got the feel for drawn animation back, a plus. I'm planning on doing three in total for now, as there's still so much that I want to get prepared; and from those three I'll choose one to clean and colour. That in mind, this animation is rough, and could use some more refining but I felt its at a place where I can start to show it off.



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